Creating places of distinction

Incorporating public art into housing schemes or mixed use developments brings many benefits such as improving the visual quality of the development, adding identity and long term value to a property, or as a way of effectively engaging with local people during a period of change.

FrancisKnight can assist with Pre-application discussions by producing public art strategies, to help identify opportunities, draw up a brief and establish a method for selecting artists.

Integrating public artwork at this early stage often produces surprising results providing artistic interpretation at a relatively small proportion of the overall budget. For example, entrances, surrounds, cladding, doors, windows, balconies, lighting, signage, gates railings, seating and paving areas can be individually commissioned to give a development special identity.

As a developer, if you already have public art conditions included in your outline proposal as part of the planning process, including Section 106 Agreements FrancisKnight can advise on how to involve an artist. Depending on the experience already in place within your project team you will be supported in the selection and development of any public art proposal.

FrancisKnight are very flexible in their approach and understand that each development will have different circumstances with regard to the site, funding, and the nature of the scheme.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Image © Pamela Rana

FrancisKnight | Public Realm 1