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The success of great public art is down to the team that delivers it.

Depending on the experience already in place within your team, FrancisKnight can partner with you to provide support at any stage of a project:

- producing public art strategies, policies, design guides and public art proposals.

- offering expert advice on artistic direction, tenders, masterplanning and pre-application discussions to planning condtions under Section 106 agreements.

- managing entire commissioning projects on your behalf, overseeing artist selection, research and development of creative ideas through to the final co-ordination of commissioned work.

We follow the RIBA Stages of Work process and are proud to act as commissioners, instigators, facilitators and project managers on permanent and temporary installations and interventions for both public and private sector.

We facilitate unusual and unexpected contributions from artists adding value within a regeneration or development scheme.

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"Commercial and retail developers value public art as something to do that improved the design of the environment and performed an important social role. Public art improved 'kerb appeal' and enhanced the impact and quality of their developments." Ixia Public Art Think Tank Survey

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