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The mystery of the missing sign

On a dark and stormy Autumn night, something spooky was happening on the A56 at Wysick Hill, between Earby and Thornton-in-Craven.  A newly installed boundary sign, created by Yorkshire photographic artist Mary Woolf, mysteriously disappeared, leaving only the solitary pole it had been mounted on. It was one of 16 boundary signs commissioned by FrancisKnight on behalf of Craven District Council for Great Places Lakes & Dales (GPLD) that were installed in September. 

The unexplained vanishing was marked by artist Philip M Jonathan, whose drawing of the melancholic, lonely pole left behind, raised the question – who removed it?  And why?

A Craven District Council spokesman said: “We’re still investigating the mystery of the missing sign. If it is not returned then we will have to consider replacing it."

Stolen, borrowed, or simply lost? As chilling winter mist descends on the landscape, fifteen signs remain. For now….or will the phantom strike again? 

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