Lumiere London Light Festival 2018

We had a great day of artist presentations for Rochester Riverside yesterday to our client Countryside Properties (UK).  Katayoun Dowlatshahi, Esther Rolinson and Christopher Tipping shared their concept proposals and further workshops will now take place to work these up to detailed deisgn.

One of the commissions is specifically for light and artist Esther Rolinson describes her commission like a mist rising, a glow or shimmer of light with a rhythm and connection to location.

After visiting the Lumiere London Light Festival in January we saw how powerful light can be, transforming the atmosphere of a place.  Here are some of our favourite highlights:  

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lumiere   lumiere6   lumiere2  

lumiere3   lumiere4    lumiere9


Public Art for Rochester Riverside

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The first chapter in the commissioning of public art for Rochester Riverside is taking place, as we are pleased to announce the artists that are working on phases 1 & 2 of the significant development site in Medway, Kent. All the commissions respond to and resonate with the unique riverside location.

Three artists have been commissioned to develop embedded public art, working collaboratively with the design teams for Rochester Riverside.

Working with the appointed landscape architects Land Use (LUC) is:

Artist Esther Rolinson who is working on a lighting commission that supports and enhances the new gateway area called Station Square.

Artist Katayoun Dowlatshahi is working on a landscape and furniture commission. The commission looks at contributing and exploring alternative use of scheme elements from hard landscaping to street furniture.

Artist Chris Tipping is working with architect’s bptw on an architectural commission where public art will support distinct and connected neighbourhoods. The artwork has the potential to influence style and design and create a Rochester identity.

FrancisKnight’s relationship with Countryside Properties (UK) Ltd and The Hyde Group began earlier in September 2016.  FrancisKnight were part of the winning team to be awarded the scheme and have since produced a Public Art Strategy as part of the planning submission.  They continue to work as public art consultants for this significant site, which will deliver 1,400 homes across seven development phases. 

La Biennale di Venezia


The 57th International Art Exhibition, titled Viva Arte Viva, opened to the public from Saturday May 13th to Sunday November 26th, at the Arsenale and Giardini venues, and in several locations in Venice. We managed to catch the second to last weekend and enjoyed the city of Venice and La Biennale in the last bit of autumn sunshine.

Here are a few photo highlights 




Roadtrip to Hardscape

This week we visited Hardscape, a landscaping material supplier based in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  Hardscape have been integral to the Chatham Placemaking Project supplying the granite and collaborating with Lead Artist Christ Tipping on the Creative Public Realm elements of the scheme. It was a fascinating visit, as we witnessed the various processes granite goes through for text and pattern work to be embedded in the stone.  Waterjet cutting, flameblasting, sandblasting, as well as hand chiselled letters for inlaid text.  The kerb details at Chatham are specificed at 450mm wide, 150mm wider than standard Chatham kerbs and they looked impressive.  This detail was proposed by Chris to reflect the oversized materials used at Chatham Historic Dockyard.  The embedded text reflects stories, anecdotes and facts which will flow from Chatham Station to Military Square.  Construction work is ongoing and due to complete by June 2018. 

IMG 4794  IMG 4799  IMG 4798

IMG 4806  IMG 4807  IMG 4810

The Sackler Courtyard

Amanda Levete Architects (AL_A) have created the first porcelain tiled public courtyard in the UK.  Shimmering in the sunlight, the Sackler Courtyard is a new entrance from Exhibition Road into the Victoria and Albert Musuem and creates a grand arrival and new public space. Chosen the right shoes that day too!

 IMG 5554 IMG 5574 1 IMG 5570 1  IMG 5565

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