Anselm Kiefer Exhibition at The White Cube

A quick trip to Bermondsey last week and we managed to catch the Anselm Kiefer show Walhalla at The White Cube.  It was a stunning and apocalyptic exhibition fit for the season; dark and lead heavy with the skeletons of life bulldozed into piles of rusting hospital beds, bikes and starched splattered hanging garments. Believe us when we say it was a real treat on a cold February afternoon!

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The Infinite Mix - Saturday 10th December

As the Hayward Galley undergoes refurbishment they are showing pop-up exhibitions. The Infinite Mix is an exhibition in association with The Vinyl Factory and took place in the creative space called The Store, 180 The Strand.

The Store is a brutalist 1970 building with three floors and car park, and expansive views over the Thames from the Store Kitchen and Shop. The Store is expanding and in January 2107 will be opening its creative space and complex of studios.

10 audiovisual artworks took over the vast spaces within the building displaying moving image and in most instances composed, commissioned or remixed soundtracks.

Highlights included:

Ugo Rondinone Thanx 4 Nothing 2015 featured legendary beat poet John Girono performing Thanx 4 Nothing a poem written on his 70th birthday.  The multi-screen installation featured close ups, high speed editing, and black and white contrasts.

Dominque Gonzalez-Foerster OPERA 2016 appeared as an eerie floating ghost like apparition of Soprano Maria Callas.   In the holographic illusion the artist appears as a luminous figure dressed in the singer’s signature red dress and dramatic makeup at the end of a dark derelict corridor lip-syncing to Callas’s arias

Finally Jeremy Deller & Cecilla Bengolea Bom Bom’s Dream 2016 is a lighthearted, funny video that follows the adventures of a Japanese dancer known as Bom Bom.  The dancer travels to Jamaica to dance in the local dancehall music scene.  The original soundtrack is by Dellar.

Kent Construction Expo

Last week we attended the Kent Construction Expo at Detling Hill Showground.  We are also member of the Kent Construction Focus Group (KCFG). Go us! It’s an interesting environment for us to be in, mixing with Kent based architects, planners, local authorities and of course construction companies. 

As far as we know we are the only public art consultants, so it’s always an interesting pitch, describing what we do and how we do it.  They are a friendly bunch and receptive to art in terms of placemaking and community engagement.

This part of the story we rarely tell.  How do we get to work on those big developments coming forward, how do we convince developers to part with budgets to bring artists into the process of building new homes and neighbourhoods?  It takes a lot of determination, lots of advocacy, lots of presentations, meetings, networking and finally we secure a contract and can start to invite artists in. 

Being part of KCFG and attending the Kent Construction Expo gives us the opportunity to meet and chat to the companies undertaking the kind of wok we’re interested in getting involved in.  Thanks for being so welcoming. 


Lumiere London


fish          Elephant

We took a trip up to London on Saturday to experience Lumiere, London, which was the biggest ever light festival in the capital. International artists were invited to transform areas with 3D projections, interactive installation and other extraordinary light works.

Most areas had been shut off from traffic, which allowed the public to walk around easily and experience the lights.  Saturday was one of the busiest days but had a great buzz about it. We particularly liked the Luminéoles by Porté par le vent, Eléphantastic!  and 195 Piccadilly by NOVAK.

Rochester Station Public Art Commission

Rochester Station

If you haven’t been along to Rochester Station yet, you won’t have seen the beautiful art work that adorns the new Station development.

FrancisKnight were appointed by Network Rail and Medway Council to work with artist Dr Katayoun Dowlatshahi on the Rochester Station Public Art Commission.

Katayoun’s inspiration is based on the history and architecture of Rochester, including the Cathedral and the Rochester Bridge Trust. The Station glass is wrapped with vibrant vinyl images that offer glimpses of Rochester’s greatest assets and create a sense of welcoming to passengers using the station.

Glass manifestations punctuate the doors and depict two seals that have been taken from a stained glass window in the Bridge Chamber.

Artwork will also be installed in the subway in the New Year depicting maps and journeys and will help to establish the link between the future Rochester Riverside developments and the new station quarter.

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