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FrancisKnight were appointed by MidKent College to generate and deliver an innovative and relevant commissioning programme of public art to aid wayfinding.

Artist and Graphic Designer Anthony Burrill was commissioned to work up concepts that looked at both campuses, reflecting staff and student feedback with a clear identity for each site. Commissions range from small playful works to main anchor signs that welcome visitors.

Anthony Burrill works across a range of media, combining up-beat illustration and design and has been commissioned by cultural, social and commercial clients from New York, to London to Tokyo.

‘I am interested in the language of signs and how they can be employed playfully to engage and amuse. My background is in graphic design and visual communication and I make work that successfully speaks to a broad audience. My work employs visual cues, text and simple messages to play with preconceptions and pose questions. I am interested in making work that exists in a public space that helps to create a stimulating atmosphere of engagement that promotes inquiry and discovery. A lightness of touch is important to me, making work that engages with its location aims to add an extra layer of meaning to the every day’.

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