FrancisKnight Public Art Consultancy

Established in 2004 FrancisKnight is an award winning consultancy based in Kent, offering expert advice and project management in commissioning high quality public art for the public realm.

We facilitate unusual and unexpected contributions from artists adding value within a regeneration or development scheme.  Artists make a considerable contribution to the visual quality of the public realm and aid community engagement.

We provide expert consultancy advice for commissioning artists for tenders, masterplanning, pre application discussions to planning conditions including Section 106 agreements.  We advise on artistic direction and can produce public art strategies, policies and design guides. As Project Managers we oversee artist selection, research and development of ideas through to the final coordination of commissioned work.

Depending on the experience already in place within your project team, FrancisKnight can manage the entire process on your behalf, or support the collaborative working in the selection and development of public art proposals.

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