Chatham Placemaking Project

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FrancisKnight have been appointed by Medway Council to work on the Chatham Placemaking Project, a £4 million government funded project to help regenerate Chatham and make it a better place for residents, workers and visitors. The funding will create an easier journey for pedestrians and cyclists from Chatham railway station to the waterfront bus station and town centre. Improvements will be made at Chatham Station, New Cut Junction, St John's Square and Military Square.

FrancisKnight have commissioned Lead Artist Christopher Tipping to deliver permanent public art works for Chatham Town Centre as part of the public realm improvements. Working closely with LDA Design and Project Centre, Chris has contributed to the masterplanning, detailed design phases, materials palette and embedded art works.


   Photographs Hardscape Products Ltd 

Chatham is full of history, streets where wars were won, celebrations were held and Charles Dickens walked. To celebrate this, in the summer of 2016 a temporary public art programme took place.  Chris Tipping collaborated with three other artists and they included; Writer Rob Young, Printmaker Xtina Lamb and Filmmaker Simon Williams.  Activity for the programme developed along the route engaging with St Michael's RC Primary School, local shops and businesses and the residents and visitors of Chatham. The following films capture the essence and aspirations of the project: